The new year brings many changes to the PMP exam. The new exam went into effect Jan2, 2021. The exam will now focus on three areas, Business Environment, People and Processes. The process area will have a heavy dose of Agile type questions. Some PMP training providers will change their traditional format from knowledge area order to a more process based order as outlined in the 2019 PMI exam content outline. The test will now only have 180 questions and the time to take the exam has been reduced by 10 minutes. Only 175 questions will be graded and the other 5 will be used as marketing / validation questions. There will now be two10 minute breaks inserted in the exam for both online and in-person test takers. The biggest change is that there will be new types of questions. Matching questions, more than one answer, fill in the blank and a new type called hot spot questions requiring interaction with a diagram based on a scenario. These will certainly cause some angst for new test takes but there will only be a small number of these questions. How many is unknown. For those brave few who may have already taken the exam feedback is welcomed.