About the PMP Certification

Becoming a PMP

Project Management has been around for hundreds of years.  After all it is just getting things done in an organized fashion. Many are asked to do just that with no real training or methodology to be successful. BLT offers the opportunity to take your project management experience, add a little training and earn your Project Management Professional (PMP) or Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification.

What’s the value of becoming PMP certified?

Most project managers understand the basics and can keep projects moving but they lack the standardized skills that PMP certification training provides. Some project managers may not have any formal training and do what works or seems best.  PMP certification training provides a standardized methodology for project management. Certification may not make a better project manager, but it will provide the right tools and procedures to perform better project management. Like any certification, whether in the medical field, a pilot, the legal profession, public accountant or automobile technician, all show that the holders of those certification have met the standards and skills set forth by well-recognized bodies of knowledge and professions. Having PMP certified project managers provides the framework and methodology to conduct and coach others in good project management. There are over 725,000 certified project managers and the PMP certification is one of the most recognized.

PM Certifications

There are several different types of certifications in the field of Project Management. The Project Management Institute (PMI) offers many different certifications including the Project Management Professional, Certified Associate in Project Management, Program Management Professional, Risk or Scheduling Management Professional and the Agile Certified Practitioner. Each of these certifications has its own requirements which include an application and testing. For detailed information on all of these certifications go to PMI.