Corporate PMP Training

PMP Bootcamp for your Organization

4 or 5 day format

7 or 9 hours per day of in-class training

Classes from 4 to 25 students

Option to invite others

Conducted at your facility

Usually less than $1000 per student

Flat fee plus expenses

More students equal lower cost per student



Coverage of what you need to know


Scores for knowledge areas and process groups


Roadmap to readiness – are you ready or what will it take to get ready for the exam?


8 or 9 hours per day of in-class training
Detailed coverage the Domains and Agile
Limited coverage of the 5 process groups

Familiarization with the 49 process steps


In-class exercises including
Estimations, Communications channels
    Earned value, Critical Path
    Expected Monetary value
    Make versus Buy analysis
Full 200 Question Exam the last day
Readiness out brief and next steps


Corporate Training Course Materials

PMBOK –current edition
200 Page Workbook / Study Guide
Practice Framework Sheets
Cram Sheet and Knowledge Area Sheet
Optional PMP Exam Prep Book (special request)

Extras (Free Stuff)

Coaching and Counseling by request
PMP Application Help
Extra practice test questions
Over 1GB of PMP study materials

Why choose BLT for your PMP Training?

PMP classes are offered through many reputable providers and trainers. They usually cost between $1900 and $2500 per person and don’t include the Extras (free stuff).  BLT offers corporate training for small groups using their facilities. Bottom line, the overall cost is reduced. With 25 students individual cost could be as low at $550 per person. Even with only 10, rates are about $700 less per student than other options.

In this case, you get way more than what you paid for.

More on our Corporate On-site PMP Training

BLT conducts PMP classes from 4 to 25 students for corporate sites in the United States and overseas.

Companies requesting training would host the training at their facility and may have only internal employees or invite others to attend. Fees are negotiable but are usually fixed fee and materials / expenses.  Larger classes yield lower individual costs.

Classes can be conducted in both a 4 or 5 day format. Total contact hours are 35 hours including in class testing and a last day of class full 200 question practice test. Students may be ready for PMP certification immediately after the class but all will have a blueprint of what they know and need to study to be successful when they do take the exam. Course materials were written by Bill and his track record and passion for teaching is evident in every class.

Why Learn Project Management?

Every company, business and structured organization uses project management. It may not be called project management or not really follow any rules or checklist. Project management is really just getting things done by applying a basic set of skills that makes the difference between getting it done and getting a job right the first time while meeting your objectives and those of your client.

Learning the Essentials

Getting trained can be easier than you think. Any PMP training can be customized based on your needs and objectives. I’ve always been about learning what people need and then applying the right set of training to accomplish what’s requested.

Our corporate clients include:


Black & Veatch
A. Zahner
Blue Cross and Blue Shield
MRI Global
Harlan Manufacturing
Robbie Flexibles
Perceptive Software
Federal Aviation Administration
City of Olathe, Kansas
University of Central Missouri
Exam One
Midwest Bank
Stellar Solutions
Mosaic Life
Lockheed Martin
Knowledge 2 Information (K2i)
DeVry Institute
SQ International