The Testing Center

Need to take practice tests. The testing center has over 3000 practice questions!

PMP Training Kits and Testing Center

The PMP Training Kit is for students who want to complete all the training on their own. The kit includes access to the course materials, shared resources and a road map of steps required to complete test prep readiness. The kit also includes trial access to the testing center with longer term memebrships available.

Full PMP Practice Test

The Testing Center offers full 180 question practice tests as well as shorter tests when the time is short.  These questions cover a variety of test types from very difficult to moderately easy. Most PMP questions are all 4 answer multiple choice questions and will include the correct percentage of questions by process group as outlined by the Project Management Institute PMI. New question types include more than one answer, matching and the use of diagrams.

The Testing Center

To earn your PMP you need to read course materials, then study and answer as many practice test questions as possible. The testing center offers over 3000 practice test questions. The center offers tests on the three domains, people, processes and business environment as well as questions on math, ITTO, and Glossary questions. You can also take 20, 60, 120 and 180 questions realistic PMP tests. All tests are graded with scores and questions available for review. Trial memberships are free and longer terms are available with training courses.

Other Testing Options

Don’t have time for a full 180-question test? We offer smaller sets of practice questions that also will provide great feedback.  The testing center also offers specialty questions for Math, ITTO, Formulas, and Glossary. Each offers challenges, grading, reviews and the last 25 tests are saved for long term review.