So what is new for 2024 with the PMP exam? There are three changes to mention. First the 7th edition of the PMBOK is now being used to create questions for the exam. There may not be many questions but having an understanding of the 7th edition PMBOK will be necessary to pass the exam. One important note is that the 6th edition PMBOK content is still very important as the foundation for traditional project management, terns and concepts. The Agile practice guide is the other source that needs your full attention to pass the exam.

The second change came in September of 2023 when PMI announced that the exam results would no longer be provided when the testing process is completed. Instead the test taker will get a note that says PMI will review the exam and give the results in 5 business days. This change is because of the many issues that have occurred with taking the test at home. Issues like the internet going out, or the tester going out of camera frame during the test have caused PMI to institute validating the test results using a higher level of scrutiny. The best way to insure you have no issues taking the PMP exam are to take it in a PMP testing center.

The third change is that the exam content outline has been updated as of June 2021. The outline is the same as the 2019 version with additional information on qualifications to get the PMP and applications for the PMP exam. The exam will still have 180 questions, taken in three 60 questions sets. The exam will still test situational issues in the three domains. People, Process and Business Environment. About 50% of the test questions will be on non traditional project management, specifically Agile.

For additional info or if you have questions contact me via the website.