Help from an expert who can answer all your questions

Coaching or counseling is ideal for:

  • Self-study students who need extra help
  • Students who have failed a prior exam
  • Students who waited a long time after prior training
  • Don’t want or have time for a traditional boot camp?
  • Need to stay focused on passing your PMP exam?

Coaching and Counseling Services include:

  • After-course motivation
  • Course preparation study discussions and guidance
  • Help following PMP study checklist or exam preparation list
  • PMP application help or review
  • Advice about the PMP or other PMI certifications




Coaching and Counseling Extras


Access to Practice Questions and the Testing Center

Access to PMP study materials



  • Advice on taking the test and specific test strategy
  • Difficult subject areas help
  • Review of specific knowledge areas or process groups
  • Review of specific practice test questions
  • General exam readiness assessments

Coaching & Counseling with a Certified PMP Instructor

1 Hour $79

Coaching on the phone

4 Hours $199

All at once or in sessions

8 Hours $379

Available in 2 or 4 sessions

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