Get 5-days free of PMP Practice Tests and improve your chances of passing the exam! Updated with questions on the three domains and Agile

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The PMP certification is tough and one of the keys to passing is taking as many practice tests as possible. The testing center is perfect for checking your knowledge on every aspect of the PMP exam. New terms and topics added from the Agile Practice Guide.


Customize your test

In addition, users can take tests based on any of the three domains, including people, processes and business environment.  Testing includes other areas, and even special subject tests on formulas, terms and definitions, math-based questions and Agile topics.

3000+ questions

Testing is available for a full 180-question PMP exam using a database of more than 3000 realistic questions.


Take shorter tests

If you don’t have time to take a full test, you can also take a 100-question, 50-question, or even a 30-question test. All PMP tests are timed.


Like the real exam

The test is set up like the real exam with the specified allocation of questions from each of the three domains.  Scores are displayed for each of the domains and questions are stored for later review.


Receive Pass/Fail Approximation

You can mark, skip, and review any questions before grading. Grading will show an overall score and percentages of questions from each of the three domains.  An approximate pass/ fail assessment is also provided. Assignment of the new assessment ranges is also approximated using Needs Improvement, Below Target, Target and Above target.


More Information

Individual domain or specialty tests are not timed and can be taken in sets of 10, 20 or 30 questions. Users can check their answers after each question or wait until test completion. Grades for each type of test are stored and available for review after the test or at a later date. Only the last 25 practice tests are maintained for any one user.