Clients & Testimonials



I used Bill Lewis Training to prepare for the PMP Exam.  The one-on-one sessions strengthened areas of weakness.  The discussion and questions were challenging and forced me to go deeper into the material.  The insights provided by Mr. Lewis increased my understanding of project management beyond preparing for the exam.  The testing engine helped to reinforce the material covered during the one-on-one sessions, and built confidence, and fueled future discussions.  I would recommend Bill Lewis Training to anyone planning to sit for the PMP Exam.


John C.

August 2019


“Bill is hands-down THE expert in PMP certification preparation!  He knows the material, is an excellent instructor, and is truly dedicated to his students’ success.  His course and instruction set the foundation for efficient studying.  I was under the gun to take the exam in quick time, and I got it done according to my timeline, with a great score!  Not to mention, the class was fun (thanks to Bill’s instruction) and I expanded my PM skills along the way.  Our company trusts him with our preparation and training – and as a result, we have a solid record of knocking out our PMP certifications with no problems!  We will continue to send new students his way.  Bill is an absolute pleasure to work with – highly, highly recommend!”


Christina A.

October 2018

The training I got from Bill Lewis at Centriq was a strong foundation for studying for the exam. The class was the biggest contributor to passing the PMP exam on the first try. Thank you, Bill!
Kathleen H.

Mar 2018

“Bill did a great job of organizing the vast amount of material and making sure we understood each concept before moving on. I also enjoyed the short videos and snippets between each section that kept us laughing. I am happy to report that I passed the PMP exam on my first try, and a large part of that is due to the BLT training course. I would recommend this course for anyone looking to obtain their PMP certification.”
Merile B.

July 2017

“Bill took the time to help ensure I had both a thorough understanding of the critical concepts and strategies to take the exam and build my confidence.  His follow up helped to ensure I was held accountable and kept my eye on the end goal of successfully obtaining my PMP.”
Becky K.

Jan 2017

“The training Bill provided was extremely good.  After a week in class I felt very prepared for the PMP exam.  His advice and counselling on how to study meant I wasn’t wasting any time in my efforts.  His class helped me identify my weak areas so I could focus on those while prepping.  I’m happy to say that I passed the PMP exam — and I passed with an extremely good score. I could not have gotten such clarity on the concepts and ideas needed to pass the exam from reading a book alone.  Bill’s instructing and clarity were invaluable. The entire experience has also made me a better project manager.”
Paul W.

Dec 2016

“Bill Lewis was an outstanding PMP prep instructor.  He really helped me focus on the right areas, clearly knows his stuff, and made the admittedly dry source material (dare I say) fun! As an experienced project manager already, I wasn’t sure how much I would really get out of Bill’s class.  What a pleasant surprise to find that Bill is also an experienced project manager who understands the real world so he was able to use actual examples to illustrate his points.  But he also recognized that we were there to learn the PMI way and to pass our PMP exams, so made sure to balance those real-world examples with the academic purity needed to succeed at the test.”

Rick L.

October 2018


“I want to thank you so much for the excellent direction, advise, and instructions that allowed me to pass the PMP exam. In particular, the tools on your website (practice exams, your “Roadmap to pass”), your key study and exam suggestions during class, and suggested practice exam scoring goals, allowed me to develop a successful study strategy and track my progress that resulted in passing the exam on my first attempt with “Above Target” scores.  I honestly could not have passed independent of your class and study tools.  I will be forever grateful and highly recommend your services to anyone who wants to pass the PMP.”


Tommy J.

July 2020

“I took a PMP Bootcamp in March 2016 — then took a new job, sold my house, and moved overseas. I planned to take the PMP test, and it was hanging over my head! Finally, in late June 2017, I scheduled my test and immediately emailed Bill! He had been gently reminding me for over a year, and was enthusiastic that I was moving forward. He was able to tell me what had changed on the PMP test and testing procedures so I didn’t waste effort in my studying. I took the test on July 7 and passed on my first try! Thanks for the Bootcamp training and the follow-on support! ”
Kerry M.

July 2017

“Ridiculously efficient and reliable is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Bill. I had the great pleasure of working with Bill under his guidance to achieve my Project Management Professional (PMP). I was particularly impressed by how much he actually cared about all his students and gave his advice and knowledge to make sure that every single student can achieve the certificate. I was always in awe of Bill’s mass knowledge on Project Management but also how well he worked with each and every individual. I am happy to say that I have finally achieved my PMP, but I still miss our weekly check in calls and never ending emails. He was very patient throughout the whole process and I could not have done it without him. Coaching/teaching, project management comes naturally for Bill. Anybody is lucky to have Bill as their coach/mentor because he will make sure you will achieve your goal by giving you the knowledge but also the self-confidence.”
Christine K.

Jan 2017

“Bill served as an outstanding instructor during our class.  He was able to take a group of 8 students with different backgrounds and expertly move us all through the material on schedule.  He had a great balance of instruction, providing tips to understand and memorize critical steps, and conducting / reviewing several practice tests.  After I completed Bill’s class, I studied for a couple weeks and successfully passed the PMP exam on my first try.”
Tom R.

Project Manager, Aug 2016


“Bill’s learning program provides a realistic roadmap for success on the PMP exam. The workbook and classwork provide a logical approach through the PMBOK knowledge areas. His self-study guidelines keep you focused on areas specific to your individual needs for success.”


Beth S.

April 2018

“I took Bill’s PMP boot camp recently. All of the material was presented in a really logical format which made it easy to understand. His experience and knowledge of the course material allowed him to give great advice for studying and preparing for the exam. When I took the exam, I felt confident that I would do well from the preparation that I had received. I passed the first time! Thanks Bill!”
Kari P.

July 2017

“I attended a week long PMP boot camp class taught by Bill Lewis.  The class was very helpful in giving guidance to particular areas to be studied in order to pass the PMP test.  I passed the test on the first try.  I feel like this success was due in large part to attending this boot camp class.”
Jennifer K.

July 2016

“Great Class…Great Teacher.  We had to learn a lot of material in just a few days and Bill was able to make it extremely easy to understand.  The text book he provided was awesome.  It contained both the material from the PMBOK and the extra material we needed to know to pass the exam.   I also loved the fact that he would stay after class to answer any questions and he also stayed in touch with me after the week was over.   With his help, I was able to pass the PMP test the first time.”
Scott S.

July 2016

“After studying PMP information for several months, and getting very familiar with the kinds of questions that would be on the PMP exam, I took one last step and signed up for Bill’s PMP boot camp. I’m not even sure how I found his class, but I’m very happy that I did. The class was 5 days, and jam-packed with useful information, whether you were just starting on the journey, or had already studied. Bill has a great way of presenting the material from start to finish, which was a mix of book material and his own observations about what would most likely be on the test. After finishing the boot camp on Friday, I went in and took the PMP Exam the following Wednesday, and passed with flying colors. The Exam was very difficult, and took me the entire four hours. I do not believe I would have passed without Bill’s boot camp”
Scott S.

June 2016