ONLINE Classes

Our most popular PMP Training

Live instructor conducts condensed or full online PMP Boot Camp using a Web-based software tool.

Full class includes section testing and a final 200-question practice test that occurs off-line but will all be validated by the instructor. All Section test scores and final practice test scores will be turned in to validate the course work.

Condensed course includes practice question booklet and access to online practice tests available after training.

Contact Hours

35 contact hours for full course and 12 hours for the condensed course. Our flexible scheduling allows you to determine the best fit.


200 Question Practice Test

Taken off-line using the Testing Center and required to complete the course. Can be used for the condensed course and offers full 200-question tests as well as knowledge area or process group tests.



Full course Workbook and Practice questions for each section of the course with any online course, Cram sheet, Knowledge sheets, application guidance, answer sheets, and several other helpful documents  and templates.

Counseling and Testing Center

Available up to two months after training for either the full course or the condensed course.

Virtual Classes

Online training is available via Zoom, or other available meeting tools:

Live Instructor online training can be conducted in many formats. It can be conducted in consecutive days or on weekends and in half-day or 4 hour increments based on requests.

2021 training will be by request only. Training will include the new Agile content and the three Domains, People, Process and Business Environment.

Online training covers the same materials covered in the in-person class with the exception that end of section testing and the final 200 question test are taken using the BLT testing center. Test results are required before classes and at the end of the course to receive course completion status. Classes will be conducted via Zoom links and numbers will be provided by your instructor.



2021 Virtual Classes will be scheduled as requested. Classes can be weekdays or weekends or even customized. Call or email.

Select a Virtual Class


2021`Online live instructor full classes will be based on request and coordinated via calls or email directly with BLT Training. 913 226 3652 or

Current training will include Agile content per the new PMP exam which started January 2, 2021.


Coverage of what you need to know for the exam


Scores for knowledge areas and process groups


Roadmap to readiness – are you ready or what will it take to get ready for the exam?


Why choose BLT for your PMP training?

PMP classes are offered through many reputable providers and trainers. They usually cost between $1900 and $2500 per person and don’t include the Extras (free stuff).  BLT offers virtual classes for individuals who want to work independently and on their own time.

Why Learn Project Management?

Every company, business and structured organization uses project management. It may not be called project management or not really follow any rules or checklist. Project management is really just getting things done by applying a basic set of skills that makes the difference between getting it done and getting a job right the first time while meeting your objectives and those of your client.

Learning Virtually

Getting trained can be easier than you think. Our instructors work to make sure students are set up for success with all virtual classes.

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