The year is ending, and things have finally settled down to normal. So, is it time to get your PMP? What do you need to know to pass the exam. The answer is a moving target but until the new role delineation study is released the test is based on the current RDS which means the main study sources are still the 6th edition PMBOK and the Agile Practice Guide. So, what about the 7th edition of the PMBOK? Does the new test have questions that are covered in the 7th edition PMBOK. The new test may have some verification questions from the 7th edition PMBOK but none that count on the real test. They will however be on future test when the new RDS is released. So, do you need to read or study the 7th edition PMBOK? The answer is vague. My advice is to get a copy and look at the outline and the new concepts. My focus would still be on the 6th edition PMBOK and the Agile practice guide. 50% on the 6th edition PMBOK, 45% on the Agile Practice Guide and 5% reviewing the 7th edition PMBOK.