The new 6th edition PMBOK was released the 6th of September. All the hype about 84 pages and the chapters aligning in process order were just a myth. The new PMBOK is 537 pages. The previously mentioned changes adding information about the project manager’s responsibilities, the talent triangle and Agile are all true; each has coverage. The first three chapters are the introduction, including what was covered in the Framework of the previous edition. Chapter 2 covers project environments and organizations. Chapter 3 is all about the project manager’s responsibilities. Surely this will get a few questions on the new exam.

The chapters beginning with 4 are the same as they were in the 5th edition, starting with Integration Management and going through Stakeholder Management. The ITTOs have changed a little and even expanded with detailed subtopics under several of the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs. I think that answers the question about whether the ITTOs will continue to get coverage on the new exam. They will.

The new PMBOK also includes the ANSI Standards for Project Management adding another 94-plus pages to the PMBOK. These standards are covered in process group order. Basically, the content is very similar to the old PMBOK. There are now 49 project steps and some wordsmithing to some of the old process groups and steps. Detailed appendices document all the changes. If you are PMI member, download the PDF version. It also comes with 150 pages on Agile basic procedures.