The new PMBOK 6th edition will be published September 6, 2017. A new test based on the changes will be in effect about April 2018. So, should you take the current PMP exam based on the 5th edition of the PMBOK or wait until the new test is available? The real question is when do you want to get your PMP certification. If you don’t need to have a certification until late 2018 then wait. Take the test in August or September 2018. The basic changes will be available via limited feedback and the changes may be for the best. If you need to have your certification before April 2018, then take the exam as soon as possible this year, 2017 or early next year. Taking the exam sooner gives you an advantage because most classes, videos, books and other instructions know what’s on the exam. No knows what the new exam will bring. Your choice.