The new PMP exam using the 6th edition PMBOK will go into effect today March 26, 2018. The big question is what will change from the last version of the exam. Of course there are the obvious changes from 47 to 49 process steps. The loss of close procurement and the addition of manage project knowledge, control resources and implement risk responses. There will be questions with subtle name changes from control to monitor and manage to engagement. Time management is now schedule management and perform quality assurance is now manage quality. There are other changes that reading the new PMBOK will reveal. The unknowns are what emphasis will be placed on Agile, concepts and trends and tailoring. The biggest changes were in the way the ITTOs are presented. Now most of them are in groups.  Many of the same items are there but now under a larger topic. The new test is still using the 2015 role delineation study as the guide to the questions so the overall changes should be limited to the new content in the PMBOK.  Test takers over the next several weeks will get to find out what  the new test will include. Hopefully they will share what they can to help others as they take the plunge and take the PMP exam.